We help non-technical founders (like you!) design, launch & rapidly scale their own Mobile Apps.

All you need is a hungry crowd. Then, using our proven market-penetration system, we'll design an app to monetize your target audience, and you'll start generating revenue in as little as the 2-4 weeks it takes us to build it.

So, what exactly do we offer?

Everything you need to win

We'll design, develop and launch your app. Then, we'll work together for six months, 1-on-1, to scale it to its first million and beyond.

What we don't offer

Anything else

We do apps, just apps.

We only do one thing - we just do it with a monastic focus and better than anyone else. If you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won't move the needle forward, we're not for you.

Mastery demands focus

We do not offer any other services:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing & Paid Ads
  • Custom software development
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Apps
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Got an app idea in mind?

Let's talk about it

What you'll walk away with after your call with Tudor, our App Expert:

- You'll know if your idea is viable, and what you should do with it to monetize as quickly as possible

- We'll draw a plan to develop the idea into an app, that you can walk away with regardless if you work with us or not

- We'll share what worked for us to generate our clients over $1,200,469 in ARR and give you some tips on how you can too

- We'll give you access to our personal library of resources we're using to scale apps across 8 different industries

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment required to build an app with us ranges from 4.000£ to 70.000£, depending on its complexity and the market we're going after. Our pricing is very transparent, and the initial quote covers everything until your app is ready, on the app stores, and starts generating revenue. The price includes 6 months of unlimited revisions, 1-on-1 growth consulting, full maintenance, technical support, regular updates, security patches and continuous monitoring to make sure your app performs smoothly for all your users.

Our typical turnaround time ranges from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the app and the features required. The more personalized your app is, the longer it takes to build. The more generic the requirements, the faster the app is implemented.

We mainly build on Flutter, Google’s latest & greatest framework for building mobile & web apps. The backend usually consists of node functions & and a NoSQL database hosted on Google or AWS. But generally, you'll only focus on your vision and never have to think about this stuff - unless you want to. Our team handles everything tech-related and we can be as transparent or as independent as you’d like us to be.

Our extensive knowledge ensures your app meets all legal standards, data privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA etc), accessibility standards, and industry-specific regulations giving you legal peace of mind. Our apps have been successfully approved, published and trademarked in tricky industries like healthcare, finance, ecommerce, education and hospitality.

Your app will be built on top of Google’s cloud infrastructure, which is highly scalable and can sustain millions of users through its auto scaling capacities. We conduct performance analytics and scalability audits regularly to ensure there is never lag or any performance difference between your app and most AAA products like Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram & other popular mainstream apps.

Post-launch, we’ll spend 6 months working together 1-on-1 to continuously iterate and improve your new software product & business funnel as a whole. We’ll conduct regular user feedback surveys, A/B testing for new features, and design a roadmap visible to clients for future enhancements. On the tech side, you get unlimited visual updates, bug fixes, security patches and tech support.

If you have a general inquiry, you can contact Tudor via email at

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Featured case studies

The Hungry Bull

A finance app co-launched by Graham Stephan & Jeremy from Financial Education during the peak of the 2021 bull market, giving investors access to data unavailable anywhere else.


Hungry Bull
Hungry Bull

Podcasting Together - Powered by IBM Watson

Our collaboration with IBM (yes, that IBM) to showcase the capabilities of their new in-house AI model, Watson. A podcast engine that allowed users to pull together their interests & watch history to get better recommendations.

"This is awesome! If it's ok - I will be sharing this on LinkedIn [...] The app (Podcasting Together) is really awesome and could bring a lot of benefits to people [...] The first step in exploring is to understand how we can bridge the gap from this prototype to 1000s of users from our organization.” - John McNamara, IBM, Chair of the Institute of Technology, South Coast"


Share Together

Award winning group rewards platform, offering big discounts for 2-6 people going out together. Servicing a clients portfolio with a combined yearly revenue of over 1B, including brands like Wagamama, Leon, UCL & many more.

(2M valuation)


Smart home & concierge app for a ultra luxury serviced apartments complex with hundreds of residents across its UK sites.

(6 figure MMR)

Hungry Bull
Hungry Bull

High-end art gallery, hosting their exhibitions online through AR, transforming your living room into an interactive museum with current artists on display.

(Innovative tech)

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